'New Zealand Honey Bee' Natural Skin Care Products

How often do we actually read the ingredients of the skin care product we buy? A lot of the time we buy products based on the smell, price, packaging or just because it is a certain brand.

We all have different skin types, here are the main catagories:

Average skin- A balance of moisture, just the right amount of sebum production

Dry skin- Not enough moisture, low sebum production

Oily skin- Too much moisture, high sebum production

Combination skin- A mixture between oily and dry spots

Sensitive skin- Can be any of the above but it has a reaction to certain ingredients 

Do you know what the largest external organ on your body is? 

It is our skin, and what is the purpose of our skin? Protection!

The purpose of our skin is to protect us from germs and various elements from entering our internal organs. When it's cold outside, it helps keep us warm and when it's warm outside, it keeps us from burning up.

Because the skin is our largest external organ, it is vital that we use products that benefit us externally from the outside in.

When we use skin care products the ingredients penetrate through our largest external organ and enter our internal organs and blood stream. This affects the overall health and well-being of our bodies.

At Southern Alps Honey we have hand-crafted two products - Nourishing Skin Balm and Night Cream. The Nourishing Skin Balm is effective as a general body moisturiser, on chapped lips, cracked heels and hands, and for healing cuts and grazes. Our Night Cream is more like a serum and is applied at night. You'll wake up with skin feeling soothed and hydrated.

We use a combination of natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients. The products are infused with certain essential oils that promote relaxation and treat infections, eczema and other skin conditions. 

Some ingredients used in our products include:

Coconut oil - antibacterial and can help to treat acne, moisturising, reduces inflammation and helps to heal wounds. 

Beeswax - carries antiviral, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is amazing on chapped skin and forms a protective wall by sealing in moisture without smothering and clogging up our pores. 

Avocado oil - calms itchy skin, heals and replenishes chapped or dry skin, hydrates, shields skin from ultraviolet radiation and protects against skin damage. 

Essential oils -  are plant based and come from the flower, leaf, bark, and stems of the plant. They can also come from the rind of the fruit, such as lime, lemon, and orange. Essential oils are so powerful, they are diluted by drops. They possess the ability to penetrate through the skin cells and into the blood stream to provide many benefits.

Some oils used in our products include:

Lavender - antibacterial, prevents and heals acne/blemishes. 

Bergamot - elevates mood, alleviates stress, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties and helps to unclog pores. 

Geranium - eliminates dead cells, tightens the skin, promotes regeneration of new skin, diminishes the skins of aging. It also has anti inflammatory and anti septic properties. 

Natural skin care products are quite simply better for you. If you are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle then choosing natural skincare should be a priority. Given the right nutrients, our skin has the ability to care for and mend itself. Our bodies use nutrients absorbed not only through food, but also through the skin. It is medically understood that what goes on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream and is carried through your body. 

There are many benefits to using natural beauty products, but most importantly, they are better for your health, and they work.

Purchase our NZ Honey Bee products here: 
New Zealand Honey Bee Nourishing Skin Balm
New Zealand Honey Bee Night Cream