Creamed Clover Honey 250g

Creamed Clover Honey 250g

Southern Alps Honey
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Sourced from Mid Canterbury high country and foothills surrounding Mount Hutt. Creamed clover has a mild and delicate flavor. Its smooth and silky texture is due to fine crystals that form in the honey during the creaming process.


"The clover honey is amazing - never lasts long in our cupboard. Highly recommend!! Even better is knowing where the honey is coming from and supporting an awesome local business. Thanks team."

"I'm sure we've tried all flavors now, and I still can't decide on a favorite, they're all so, so good in their own ways! Natural honey from our local hills so close to home, nothing could be better!"

"The Creamed Clover honey is a regular go to on our toast in the morning! We also make a natural toasted muesli with it! Delicious! I also use the skin balm on my heels and it has really made a difference!"